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Ingeniería de aviónica


Highly trained professionals at your service

Technical support service, preventive and corrective maintenance of medical equipment distributed by ODELLA

For us it is a pleasure to serve you and solve in the shortest time possible any problem that has happened to your equipment.

We always look for your best option, counting on

original spare parts of our brands in Colombia and globally.


Jaime Rhodes

"Always at your disposition"

Technical Support Manager

Do you have a Technical Service request?

LEAVE US YOUR INFORMATION along with a brief explanation of your case and one of our engineers will contact you in the next few hours.

*Exclusive service only in COLOMBIA

*An engineer will contact you in the next few hours
*Exclusive service within Colombia
*Services may incur costs

¡Gracias por confiar en nosotros! En breve recibirás un e-mail con la confirmación de tu solicitud

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